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Why Are Russian Bombers Flying Over U.S. Airspace?

  Russian bombers and other types of planes from the former Soviet arsenal have been spotted flying over Guam, an island controlled by the U.S. in the South Pacific, as well as dangerously close to California. This is according to General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, head of the U.S. Air Force … Continue reading

(Video) Former Navy Seal Cursed Out By Neighbor While Taking Down His Flag

A former Navy seal of 21 years, David Hall, claims he has been harassed by his neighbor for years, and he finally got the proof on video. He posted the video, in which his neighbor tells him all he does is lay around and act fat, on YouTube. The video … Continue reading

Courtney Love Finds Malaysia Flight 370 (She thinks)

Courtney Love, former singer for Hole and the widow of Kurt Cobain, thinks she has found the wreckage of Flight 370.  Like millions of others around the world, Love started checking out the satellite pictures, looking for some clue as to what happened to the missing airliner. “I saw an … Continue reading

[WATCH] Sheila Jackson Lee Celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the Constitution

I have asked NASA to move the Rover around so I can see where Sheila Jackson Lee landed on Earth.  In a gaffe that is unbelievable by her standards, Lee declared that we are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Constitution.  That would mean the constitution would have to have … Continue reading

Man Shoots 500 Pound Animal…But It’s Not One You Would expect

  Hunters are always trying to bag the biggest baddest animal in the woods.  One hunter didn’t set the record, but he did bag a big one weighing 500 Pounds.  He shot a hog.  A wild one though.  They have a tendency to grow up bigger and meaner. The hog … Continue reading

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