Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers




Have to love when the government gets caught in their own web of lies. First you have a shooter with the last name of “CIAnCIA” and now you find the same guy being interviewed at both the LAX shooting and ground zero on 9/11.

Nick Pugh also did not have an I.D. on him or plane ticket but was at an airport? Not the least bit suspicious.

Take a look for yourself.

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  • Hard Boiled

    They arent the same person, they dont even sound the same.

  • Jeff

    In the first video the Fox reporter identifies the guy as a Fox free-lance reporter. Does this, in fact, verify that Fox is just part of the government controlled propaganda media? (Of course they are.) They don’t call him Rupert the Red for no reason.

  • Jeffrey Main

    Sorry to tell you Hard Boiled. Watched both vids 2 times. It is the same guy.

  • Olaf Volsungsson

    Maybe you should get your hearing tested and some kind of eye examination…just saying.

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

    sound exactly the same to me

  • Tracy Kamin

    That’s interesting I worked at DTW and in order to even get past the first check in to get into the terminal you need a government issued ID whether it be a state ID or driver license or Passport, OR a student ID with your picture on it AND a ticket to prove that you have a reason to be inside the terminal… All major US Terminals have these same rules, LAX is NO exception… This guy had no ticket AND no ID… WTH??? Yeah, I say huge false flag going on… And yes Hard Boiled This is the same guy, like it or not! That nose is unmistakeable and so is the voice.

  • Raiddan

    Voice patterns are the same and looks as well. Same guy, just a little older now.

  • Ryan Barrett

    They sound EXACTLY the same. And even without the voice, his acting is
    pathetic and atrocious in both videos. He looks as distraught in both of them as a dude being interviewed coming out of a stadium after a football game. Even on mute, the bad acting in the same ways and mannerisms tells me it’s the same guy. Not only is he a crisis actor, but he is a terrible one.

  • InfowarsMessenger

    tweeted and shared hmm interesting.

  • Glenn Todd

    Go watch this video shows you how to get any ID you want.

  • tim west

    I see no similarities of any kind except that they both appear to be white males…they don’t sound the same or look the same. I guess if you really want to see it…you’ll see it…………hard boiled is correct. And to Tracy’s point…..I go thru DFW 3-5 times a week for the last 14 years. There are working doors at every security check point that if breached open directly into the secure side of each terminal A thru E. It was described that the shooter went thru one of those doors with force…or perhaps as someone exited one of those doors. The TSA agent shot may have been the one on duty at that exit only door to keep people from entering the secure side.

  • tim west

    BUT my previous comment is assuming it’s real………I am still not convinced that the whole thing is real. I keep seeing the training dummy being wheeled out in the wheelchair and the media cuts away from it twice.

  • helen

    Listened carefully….sure sounded like the same guy!!

  • Steven Gaylord

    MSM – just like the boy who cried wolf. So many false flags, major media gaffes and indiscretions. They’ve lost the people’s trust and they’re under the eye of the microscope. No wonder their ratings are dropping. They’re fools!

  • Divine Insurrection

    They all are to a degree. I guarantee it.


    “Mostly due to structural failure, because the fire is so hot” . Good to know fox has experts in the field, eh?

  • Fakir Smith

    This is where conspiracy can become investigative journalism. Have the voice patterns analyzed, faces compared by a pro, etc. To me they aren’t the same guy. Ones nose is bigger other up. BUT rather than speculate go get real evidence from experts! Nobody ever does this and this is why we get the reputation we have as nuts.

  • porkfright

    This is the same guy. No doubt about it. And at an airport without ID? Bullshit in plain sight, as the saying goes.

  • Adonis J. King

    To me the oddest thing is not that it’s the same guy but that someone would be in an airport with no Ticket nor ID?.. Who does NOT carry ID when they are in an airport? ..very odd that! <3

  • jo leone

    Listened a few times without looking…. It’s the same guy!!!! The guy was also interviewed by Sheperd Smith during the “BREAKING” news segment of his show… What is going on???

  • jo leone

    I watched Sheperd Smith interview this guy during the “breaking news” segment on Fox.. I listened a few times to the videos. DO not watch… It is the same Voice….This is really strange.

  • jo leone

    Don’t watch the videos.. Just listen… It’s the same voice.. Try it few times.. I did a few times and I tell you, It’s pretty weird..

  • Conservative Mark

    At least our military can now rear end each other and animals thanks to Obama… we got that going for us.

  • Vickie Pike

    Looks like the dad at Sandy Hook too.

  • Claudio Fernweh

    voice is same.

  • R_Pipkin

    Ending speculation would be easy. Set up a PayPal account, take donations and pay for voice print and facial recognition analysis. Too many people believe their speculation/suspicion = fact…

  • Frank Visone

    totally the same guy, without question. And whats more; during the 911 interview, notice how he says he saw the buildings collapse “most likely due to structural failure as the fires were just too intense.” Seems he had the rhetoric down pat from the start, to try and plant that seed into everyones head. How many architects, engineers, demolition experts and others have come out and said that there is NO PLAUSIBLE WAY for those buildings to have collapsed as they did, and for building 7 to fall as well? This “witness” is just one more piece of a giant puzzle that is slowly being pieced together. we will have the truth on all of this soon.



  • CC1980

    It has been 12 years!

  • Jeremy Angel

    But, if you look at his dominate hand, its different. One video he is using his right hand for expression and in the second he is using his left hand for expression. Nevertheless, pretty sketchy.

  • Melissa Brown Wetnight

    Exactly what I thought.

  • Freeman1776

    Nick Pugh………………….the smoking gun to false flag events!!

  • Freeman1776

    Not sure if anyone caught it, but in the first video, Pugh says that the buildings went down due to “structural failure” from the heat. Now, HOW did this “witness” know this so soon after it happened, and when years later structural engineers are still debating the same subject??? He must also be an engineer besides a witness and an actor.

  • Freeman1776

    Nick Pugh is not only a bonifide engineer, but a professional witness and actor. What a nice life he has, lots of travel and great news exposure.

  • Freeman1776

    Vickie, do you know the link to the video he was in in Sandy Hook?

  • Les Williams

    that’s funny tracy just 2 weeks ago a nine year old boy walked on a plane and flew across country with no ticket, so how did he get by security?

  • JustLurkin

    Get lost troll. You can’t paint over “REAL”.

  • Barbara Finger

    the video could be inverted in one – I see this a lot like when you print a negative backwards it’s the same image but backwards

  • Jim Brauer

    we will never know the “truth”…for we are not within the circle of trust. 0.o

  • AndromedaHit

    Makes you wonder why there is always a mic near that guy’s mouth?

  • James Smith

    That guy is a blatant provable, with the overt acts a, treasonous traitor and he should also be arrest along with the other communist infiltrating traitors and soon.

  • Stuart Johnson

    Oh crap! Yeah, recognized this guy right away! ….I’m a big fan of his…can’t wait to see his next, um, role…

  • http://SecondRevolution.US/ billhughes13

    I’d like to think we would have the truth, but the fact is: we won’t. Fifty years later, when BY LAW, everything related to JFK is to be released: it is not and we are no closer to the truth in that murder thsn we are or ever will be on 9/11.

    The only truth there is: when the government says it is the truth, it is not.

  • RMarolla

    why is he at the airport with no ID? wierd

  • Timothy L. Fauver

    he sure had a lot of facts just minutes after they fell.

  • Jeffrey William Lynch

    I guess anyone who watches this and really analyzes what is happening here is considered either a tin foil hat wearing nut, or will be put on the official watch list of those who should be kept under surveillance as potential threats to government. The age of FEAR is definitely Here!

  • John

    Can these two recordings be voice analyzed? Wouldn’t that prove beyond a doubt that this is the same guy?

  • inquisitor

    When I first saw this guy being interviewed I made the connection that his testimony was not authentic and it too drew me back to the same guy commenting on 911.

    It is so obvious.

  • narkosis

    lol what a moron

  • Trip Affleck

    how is this the government getting “caught in their own web of lies”? if anything, it’s Fox News getting busted for creating fake eyewitness accounts. you fruit loops should pick your battles.

  • Carl Goss

    All paranoid clap-trap.

  • Andreas Haase

    Nick and I went to Art Center together…the guy from the WTC is not Nick! Some conspiracy theories are just plain wrong.

  • Andreas Haase

    No not the same guy, I went to school with Nick. Not even close. This is total bunk!

  • Andreas Haase

    not the same guy. I went to school with Nick.

  • watcherofolde

    Last I heard, the govt hates the hell out of FOX.

  • Chris Reilly

    Come on…there are legitimate issues in this country, you don’t need to fall for this BS

  • Guest

    fox eye witness planted the structural failure thought in the watchers mind ,, His speech patterns the same,, the tongue hits the back of his throat ..same eye sockets and bridge of the nose,, he lost weight,, but his neck jets out the same .. scary ,, very weird!!!

  • Guest

    says ciaos exactly
    the same way!!!

  • Jerry Flynn

    If they were inverted, any graphics with letters and numbers would be backwards, obviously they are not here.

  • Poiks

    Well, except then we’d have to hear about how the scientists involved with the analysis were infiltrated by the CIA, and all the other hooey that poisons the mind of conspiracy theorists.

  • Robert Brown

    Houses catch fire but none of them collapse.

  • Robert Brown

    The scariest part of this is how the nazi thug cops handcuffed innocent people.

  • Carl Stevenson

    A “conspiracy theorist” is someone who notices things without official permission — and a “domestic terrorist” is anybody who challenges the government’s monopoly on violence.

  • comersuerte
  • Greg Scott

    Not even close to the same guy. this is some serious batshittery

  • Roberta Balkany

    Even better, listen to both videos at the same time — it’s the same speaker. Anyone can get surgery and everyone ages.

  • Dave

    have any of you even thought that maybe he is DEPARTING the airport? It’s not the same guy. Plus, if it wasn’t a lie, why did they dark out the first video from 12 years ago? That’s not an accident. That’s a conspiracy by the author of this article.

  • Sajuror

    The reason he doesn’t have his ID and ticket is because he was going through security screening where you hand the person your ID and boarding pass…. and the guy in the 2 videos is NOT the same person. Why are we so gullible??

  • Tom

    Houses also aren’t 100 stories high and burning half way up with Jet fuel fires…… dumb ass

  • Tom

    Also I have seen plenty of houses and buildings reduced to piles of rubble after a fire. Never saw one hit by a Boeing 707 though.

  • Laurel

    There is no logical reason that the same person would be in both places on purpose and also want to be on television. Also, the voices DO match, but NOT the faces. Probably Nick Pugh just left his ticket and ID somewhere when he fled the danger. I am all for a good conspiracy theory but this gives me nothing to work with.

  • John K Goodman

    not the same guy, I know Nick too and this is BS

  • wings9191

    I have to agree with you on that point Fakir.
    All to often we do the same thing we complain about………we’re sheep.
    If someone comes out with a conspiracy we run to it and post it on as many sites as we can and don’t validate anything. Just like when we complain that other just blindly believe.
    I’m not saying he is or isn’t but let’s check before we go spreading it otherwise we are just more Alex Jones kool aid drinkers. Not that I have anything against Alex, hopefully you understood the point though.

  • Damian

    You are all insane. There are more than 313 million people in the US, and it’s no surprise that two people can resemble each other.

  • Scallywagg

    Then explain to me why building 7 fell? Its the only one in history that collapsed because of a fire which was not really even that big.

  • Dennis Martin

    A free-lance reporter can work for Fox one day, and not the next. Of course he was implanted temporarily into the media so he would have access to the cameras when he was needed to make his statement.

  • Skeeter McClusky

    He is also interviewed at Dealy Plaza after the Kennedy assassination…and with Neil Armstrong walking on the moon on July 20th, 1969…I think I saw him on the Titanic as it went down…YES!!! in fact, we shared a life boat…

  • Andreas Haase

    Not the same guy at all! I went to college with Nick. This is pure fantasy by misguided conspiracy theorists.

  • fieldmcconnell

    9/11? google [ boeing uninterruptible autopilot + qrs 11 + smacsonic + k u band + fbca + fadec ]

    Sandy Hook? [ napolitano + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + mcconnell ]

    Boston Marathon? [ dhs + margie sullivan + redtree + vogt + dunning + abel danger ]

    Benghazi? [ hillary's TAINT + vaginagate + benghazi + corn hole + obama ]

    And when asked the question “who caused Obama to blink on Syria” google this one:

    Obama + Blink + Syria + Crisp Fourplay

    The Valerie Jarrett regime is exposed. See Ephesians 5:11