Allegations of Foul Play Surface in Death of Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker


Paul Walker

There are frightening similarities between yesterday’s death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, leading man in the “Fast and Furious” movie series, and investigative journalist Michael Hastings.

Both men were killed in fiery car crashes in California, and both cars were burned beyond recognition, something that generally only happens in Hollywood movies, not real life.

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Above is a picture of what remains of the car that Paul Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas were killed in yesterday. Rodas was the owner of Always Evolving performance car shop and was a very experienced driver.

Michael Hastings car crash
Above is a picture of Michael Hastings’ car burning on the night he crashed back on June 28, 2013. The remnants, once the flames burned out, looked much like that left of Walker’s and Rodas’ car.

What is interesting to note is that both cars were driven by “experienced” drivers. Hastings was no expert driver, like Rodas, but he’s been driving his entire adult life and no reports of previous traffic accidents have made headlines since his death. Also, both cars burned in such a way that would suggest extra pyrotechnics were involved.

Soon after the death of Hastings, rumors abound that the U.S. Government, or her interests, may have hijacked the control systems of his car, and driven him at high speeds into a tree and to his death. This was thought absurd at the time, and was deemed impossible, but shortly thereafter, experts demonstrated how easy it was to commandeer the controls of most newer car’s systems.

Furthermore, there is actually a bill being considered at this time that would legally mandate all new cars after 2014 be monitored and tracked at all times, allowing the government access to such knowledge as how many passengers are in the car, where you are going, the speed you are traveling, and the weight of the car’s contents. The Government claims the desire to track all people at all times is for their “safety.”

Many people speculate that Hastings was murdered because he was about to drop a bombshell of an expose on C.I.A. Director Paul Brennan through media outlet “The Rolling Stone” for which Hastings wrote. Brennan has shown great empathy toward Lebanese terrorist network Hezbollah and has made public statements on his desire to see the group recognized as part of the Lebanese Government. He often gives parts of speeches in Arabic and does not translate for his English only speaking audience members.

Rumors have circulated that at various times in the past 12 years, members of the filming crew, and even the actors and actresses involved in the making of the “Fast and Furious” series were given warnings of dark nature about revealing too much about the creation of C.I.A. “black money” through the story line of the movies. Similar threats were made to the directors and cast of the “X Files” show in the early 1990′s and the creators of the show were actually forced to change the story line in order to avoid being pulled from the air by the FCC. The information they were disclosing had more to do with the U.S. Government’s ‘Project Blue Book‘ but the threats were taken seriously and the story line was changed.

It’s no secret to anyone who pays attention to what is really going on that the C.I.A. uses “black money” or secret funds that do not need to be accounted for, to fund secret wars and other various projects of interest, such as assassinations and Government takeovers around the world. One of the key places in which the C.I.A. is able to obtain “black money” is through the illegal drug trade. Many argue this is why marijuana is still outlawed in the U.S. – for the sole purpose of the Government’s ability to seize everything from personal property to the bank assets of anyone caught with a joint. The money garnered from those assets is then eligible to be used as C.I.A. “black money” and can go toward any various project the group deems fit.

Many have speculated that the reason the war in Afghanistan is never going to end is because the C.I.A. is generating so much “black money” from the poppy industry. The majority of the money from world-wide heroine sales originates from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, and while the U.S. is in control in Afghanistan, they control the poppy industry. Oil profits generally need to be accounted for. Poppy profits do not- hence “black money” for the C.I.A.

The story line in the “Fast and Furious” also revealed a lot of information about the drug trade in other parts of the world as well as the outrageous sums of money generated from the chop shop high-end car business. The movies weren’t just about racing stolen cars. They showed a much bigger picture of corruption inside Government and Government agencies, and it was a bigger picture that certain Government interests did not want shown.

As time passes over the next few days, and more information is revealed in the tragic death of great American actor Paul Walker, we will see that there are too many questions for which there are no logical answers for all of this to merely add up to a ‘car accident.’

“Experienced driver.” “Car incinerated.” “Rumored threats of “Fast and Furious” cast members and producers from mysterious persons.” It all adds up to striking similarities of the Michael Hastings car crash- an event for which the questions still have no answers, but to which all evidence points to Government interests.

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