{Video} NASA’s Big Cover Up of Cities on Mars Visible in This Video??



In this video, released by David Vose, we get a look of Mars that NASA does not want us to see. Vose claims the video is no joke, and that in it, he basically cleans up the murky, scrubbed over images that NASA has released to the public of planet Mars, to show us what it really looks like.

Men have dreamed of life on Mars since they understood that Mars was a planet and not a star. Religion has at times outlawed such thought throughout man’s history, making such heresy talk of life in outer space punishable by imprisonment, and in more recent times, such talk has become punishable by ridicule by one’s peers.
Vose claims in this video that there is indeed life on Mars, something that great American author Ray Bradbury wrote of often in his works like “The Martian Chronicles” and his collection of short stories titled “The Illustrated Man.” Many readers of the day in which Bradbury wrote these stories (circa 1950′s), believed the tales possible. But when space flight became a reality in that same decade with the advent of Sputnik, and then men actually landing on the moon in the following decade, on July 20, 1969, many started believing that since we’d not discovered life in outer space, that we never would.


Watch this video, and pay close attention as Vose points out where we may just be wrong in our assumption that we are alone, even in our own solar system, and that there are indeed cities and highways with bridges just the next planet out from us.

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